The beautiful antique/vintage Wine Stoppers below are certain to be a hit with wine enthusiasts and collectors. Great gift idea for that person who has everything! Stopper tops are made from vintage/antique door knobs, gas light fixtures and water faucet handles. The stopper is made of solid steel (not steel plated) and will not corrode.

Note: When more than 1 of the same Wine Stopper is needed, please check with us as to the number in inventory. Since we are working with antiques the number available can vary greatly at times.

High Cut Glass Antique Door Knob Wine Stopper

ITEM # RK008
COST: $ 42.00 Free Postage
COLOR: High cut clear glass
SIZE: 4 inches long x 2 inches wide
Wine Stoppers may vary slightly from the photograph. All door knobs are antique/vintage. We do not photograph each wine stopper.

Rare Antique Door Knob Wine Stopper

ITEM # RK004
COST: $51.00 free postage
COLOR: brass with solid steel stopper
SIZE: 4.5″ long x 2.5″ wide
Striking stopper. A conversation maker for any event serving wine or other bottled beverage. Makes a great gift too!

Silver Vintage Door Knob Wine Stopper

ITEM # RK005
COST: $42.00 free postage
COLOR: pewter/silver with solid steel stopper
SIZE: 4.75″ long x 2.5″ wide

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